What Is the Benefit of a Concrete Batching Plant?

Concrete Mixer Machine

People in the real estate business know the importance of a concrete batching plant on a construction site. There was a time in the past when this was an unaffordable option. But thanks to the new advances in technology, these concrete mixer machines are within the reach of both small and big real estate developers. As a result, both of them prefer a concrete mixer on-site in order to expedite construction. ProAll International is a concrete mixer company that offers you a lot of options in its market catalogue.

Quick Access to High-Quality Concrete Mix Options

A concrete batching plant is a basic requirement for any size of real estate project. With it by your side on the project site, you can have easy and fast access to high-quality concrete mixes. You can reconfigure the mix specifications to best meet your project requirements. In simple and straight words, you introduce productivity and efficiency to your project with the help of these concrete mixer machines. ProAll International offers concrete mixers that can be configured to deliver high quality concrete. Both with ease and no special training.

To Ensure Zero Workforce Downtime

As we all know, delays in project delivery are penalised in real estate development contracts. So, most real estate developers prefer a concrete batching plant at the construction site as it allows them to meet their deadlines in the most efficient manner. Not only that, but it also saves a lot on labour costs as concrete is always available for workers to pour at the construction site. And it ensures that the workforce is always on the job. And not only that concrete mixer is always being used and not sitting idle. Which is a matter of serious financial concern when you have hired one.

Get Rid of Delays in Concrete Delivery

On real estate sites where there is no concrete mixer machine present. And developers are dependent on off-site concrete suppliers for concrete delivery. Regular incidents of concrete arriving late, which may be caused by accidents, traffic jams, or various other out-of-control issues, not only affect the project completion schedule a lot. But it also contributes to money wastage as both labour and hired equipment are sitting idle and you are paying them without getting any work in return.

Get Rid of Costly Third-Party Concrete

It is easy to understand that 3rd party concrete suppliers charge more. In comparison to the costs that you have to incur while preparing your own concrete mix at the construction site. Your very own concrete mixer saves you a lot of money in this regard.

Avoid Costly Concrete Wastages

A concrete mixer assures that concrete meets project specifications. And there is no wastage. Therefore, getting rid of wastage issues. This approach is of great help when you want to reduce the greenhouse effect of your project. You can also reassemble these on-site plants quickly as they are portable. And move them to the next site as and when the need arises.

To summarise, a concrete batching plant brings a lot of advantages for construction companies. You can get rid of avoidable project costs. It also positively contributes to their profit margins. It does so by keeping the quality of concrete consistent on a regular basis. Along with ensuring that there is minimal wastage. You get only the needed amount of concrete mix for the project.

If you are in the real estate business and want to stay relevant, then you should give serious thought to buying an on-site concrete mixer machine to introduce efficiency in your construction projects and increase your profits. Give ProAll people a call at the customer support number for all your enquiries or fill in the contact us form for a callback.


We're changing the way the world pours concrete. Backed by 50 years of innovation, ProAll delivers the flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use that can only be achieved by a ProAll mixer. Welcome to an exciting new era in concrete production.

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