Window cleaning: tips for a professional result

Window cleaning effectively. In this article, we give you professional advice and simple methods to keep windows clean without streaks or scratches.


Summary :

  • The right equipment for washing windows
  • What product should I use to wash the windows?
  • What equipment should I use to wash the windows?
  • The right gestures for washing windows
  • How to wipe the windows?

The visual cleanliness of the windows is more aesthetic, but not only. The clean, crisp glass allows light and heat to more easily penetrate interior spaces. Whether it is window panes, verandas, mirrors, shiny surfaces or vehicles, panes particularly show dirt: fingerprints, grease, dust, adherent dirt or white marks made by the raindrops. 

It is therefore important to maintain them regularly to maintain their luster and shine. This week we tell you in this article.

Thanks to the combination of adapted from professional cleaning and maintenance products, quality glass equipment and good techniques, your windows will always be impeccable.

The right equipment for washing windows

What product should I use to wash the windows?

  • 1 window cleaner to dilute or ready to use
  • or 1 washing solution composed of water and dishwashing detergent (respecting the dosages showed by the manufacturer).

What equipment should I use to wash the windows?

  • Microfiber or lint-free cloths to dust the windows.
  • 1 wolf’s head to dust high up.
  • 1 moistener support.
  • 1 wetter or a sponge to apply the washing product on the windows.
  • 1 glass squeegee for drying the glass – choose a soft squeegee for uneven surfaces and low temperatures, and a stiff squeegee for smooth surfaces and higher temperatures.
  • 1 telescopic handle (pole) for commercial window cleaning at height.
  • 1 scraper to remove adherent dirt.
  • 1 bucket for pouring the washing solution.
  • 1 squeegee to wipe the glass.
  • 1 dishcloth or 1 microfiber cloth to perfect the drying.
  • 1 chamois leather to shine the windows.

NB: the manufacturers offer combined dampener-squeegees and very practical squeegee systems –  window squeegee system or combined window squeegee and microfiber dampener.

The right gestures for washing windows

Step 1 :

  • Dust and clean the outline of the PVC window (or the woodwork) with a cloth soaked in detergent solution.
  • Clean the glass.
  • Use a window squeegee or a clean cloth to clean the window.

2nd step :

  • Wash the glass surface with the moistener.
  • Dip the moistener into the bucket containing the solution.
  • Wring.
  • Outline the surface, starting from the bottom, describing spirals and emphasizing the angles.
  • Wash the entire window.
  • Scrape off the encrusted dirt.

Step 3:

  • Scrape the surface with the squeegee, exerting sufficient pressure so that it adheres completely.
  • Wipe off the traces of water and finish with the chamoisine.

How to wipe the windows?

There are 3 scraping methods.

The French technique

The squeegee is passed from top to bottom by adjacent columns on the upper 2/3 of the glass and from left to right by one or two horizontal passages on the remaining third. After each strip, the squeegee should be cleaned.

The American technique

Less used and more technical, this method is applied by starting at the two edges of the vertical uprights and the upper horizontal upright, then from top to bottom, making S’s in the direction of the width using Raclette ; the idea being never to lift the squeegee from the surface. The moistener located under the squeegee collects the drippings as they occur. Finish with a horizontal squeegee stroke.

The Scandinavian technique

With this method, often used for windows cleaning with telescopic handles, the horizontal S’s are replaced by vertical movements starting from the top left corner and ending at the bottom right corner.

Clean a mirror

 First step: consider dusting your mirror before cleaning it. For professional window cleaning you can simply use a glass cleaner. Our tip: You can also clean your mirror with white vinegar diluted in hot water for guaranteed streak-free results.

Our selection of products to clean a mirror: 

  • Electrostatic duster  for dusting surfaces
  • Enzypin Ecolabel glass and surface cleaner for ecological window cleaning
  • Velcro window cleaner support with TTS handle to optimize cleaning.
  • Microfiber window cleaning mop fixed on the support. Ideal for mirrors and stainless steel.

Clean a window


A humid environment like a fishmonger’s can become dangerous for employees and customers if you don’t use the right tools and food-grade cleaners . It is important to have a clean and streak-free window to showcase your products.

Our selection of cleaning products for showcases and shelves:

  • 1 VSD Le Vrai ecological glass and surface disinfectant suitable for food contact. Meets HACCP standards.
  • the complete cleaning system kit + aluminum handle is ready to use. You have with this kit all the necessary equipment.
  • 1 nail brush for cleaning hands before any contact with food
  • 1 food scoop for ice cream

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