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14 Easy Kitchen Remodelling Ideas on a Modest Budget

Top 14 Budget Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Give a quick refresh to your tired-looking kitchen without spending too much on kitchen renovations in Melbourne. Yes, you have heard it right! You can refresh your kitchen on a modest budget. Here are some kitchen remodelling ideas that will help you revive your kitchen on a modest budget, and there are some takeaway ideas that won’t require you to spend a dime.

1. Install a Coffee Bar

Transform a small, clumsy corner in your kitchen and make it functional by installing a coffee bar; it will look welcoming.

2. Window Treatments

Choose window coverings that allow maximum sunlight to enter in. So if you love sunlight, select a window treatment that will permit the sun to shine through.

3. Upgrade Your Kitchen Splashback

Just by upgrading your kitchen splashback, you can refresh the entire kitchen. If the rest of your kitchen is neutral, you can insert some fun elements by choosing a patterned, trendy tile to infuse some style into the kitchen.

4. Make Your Shelves More Interesting

If you already have open shelves or glass cabinet doors, you can add some country or rustic decor for kitchen remodelling. And you can showcase colourful bowls and glassware.

5. Install Open or Floating Shelving

If your kitchen does not have open shelving, but a blank wall is available, install open or floating shelves and showcase those beautiful dishes that have accumulated over the years. Here you can display other things, such as trendy oil bottles.

6. Install a Sliding Pantry Door

Sliding doors are great for dividing your rooms inside the house. It will create a separate working space yet facilitate an open concept feel when you want to entertain guests.

7. Replace the Hardware

Change the hardware on your kitchen cabinets to create a new style and lend character to your kitchen. Subsequently, you can also change the hardware on your bathroom cabinets.

8. Get A Magnificent Faucet That’s Highly Functional

The sink is the most used area in your kitchen. And these days, you get highly functional faucets that are sleek and modish, which will enhance the ambience of your kitchen.

9. Paint Kitchen Walls

Painting the walls will lend a new breeze of life to your kitchen interiors. It will give a fresh, clean, and seamless look. Choose semi-gloss paints for your kitchen and bathroom where the moisture level is much higher.

10. Wallpaper

If you want to impart a special effect, cover any one wall of your kitchen with stylish wallpaper with designer patterns on it with colours that either contrast or match your kitchen interior.

11. Refresh The Kitchen Look Without Costing You Anything

If you don’t have the budget to take up a kitchen remodelling project, it does not mean you can’t refresh your kitchen without costing you anything. Begin with decluttering your kitchen countertops, open shelving, and cabinetry. You can get organisers or dividers for your drawers and cabinets to make the utmost use of the available space. It will refresh the entire ambience of your kitchen. Changing the place of your movable island is possible, and you should try that to see if you can make your kitchen more functional. And perhaps you may want to spend on that statement pendant lighting to lend a new look and feel to your kitchen.

12. Infuse Greenery into Your Kitchen

If you can get fresh flowers from your garden or backyard or if you have pleasant artificial plants elsewhere in your home, bring them inside your kitchen and exhibit them on your kitchen island or on your open shelves. It is easy.

13. Artwork

Adding a piece of artwork or some vintage pieces will lend curiosity and charm to your kitchen. It is an easy way to decorate a kitchen wall.

14. Add A New Task Lighting

You’ll get stylish task lighting that will not only make working in the kitchen easier but also refresh the look of your kitchen. Get a bold statement lighting fixture and make it the central point of your kitchen. And try to get a lighting fixture that harmonises with the existing hardware of your kitchen cabinetry. It can make a big difference to your kitchen.

Final Words

The kitchen is the busiest space in the house. If your kitchen looks dull or exhausted, you can try some of the ideas mentioned herein to makeover your kitchen without denting your pocket and are simple to update.

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