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How to Achieve The Perfect Hamptons Style Kitchen

Hamptons Style Kitchen Design Tips to Follow

The classic Hamptons style kitchen (inspired by New York villages known as The Hamptons, located on the eastern end of Long Island in New York state) has become one of the highly sought after designs for kitchen makeovers in Sydney and the rest of Australia. Hamptons kitchens are all about open spaces that allow sufficient natural light and provide a classic, plush ambience that’s eternal.

If you want to install a Hamptons kitchen, infuse vital design elements together, such as natural materials, classic shapes, neutral tones, and a coastal-inspired colour palette – these form the core of the relaxed coastal style.

Here are the Main Design Elements for Hamptons Style Kitchen Renovation:

1. Architecture

  • Flooring: Light-coloured wooden flooring looks serene and provides a beach-like feel. On the other hand, a dark floor renders a stunning contrast against all-white cabinetry and provides a graceful, refined look.
  • Walls: Paint your kitchen walls with neutral colours, such as white, off-white, light grey or light blue, which work seamlessly with the Hamptons kitchen.
  • Moulding/Detailing: Classic Hamptons Style Kitchen will suit a home that includes some or all of the traditional architectural components, such as exposed beams, timber flooring, wainscotting on walls, pitched or coffered ceilings.

2. Kitchen Layout

The Hamptons kitchen layout is all about open space, which brings a relaxed, coastal feel where it’s a breeze to work and entertain. The addition of an island bench will provide added counter space for food preparation or cooking and additional storage underneath and serves as a focal point. Furthermore, the island bench makes for a convenient place for meals, casual gatherings and entertaining.

3. Kitchen Cabinetry

You can bring to life classic, coastal or contemporary modern kitchen design for your Hamptons kitchen renovation. The panelled doors feel sturdier and classy, which emits an elegant look. You can choose from an extensive range of profile doors, from wide-rimmed and double rimed to deep shaker and shallow profiles, and create the desired Hamptons look. Green, grey or blue painted wooden kitchen cabinets are the best alternatives to white and is ideal for coastal kitchen renovation.

4. Benchtop

  • Stone & Marble Benchtops: Granite, marble and engineered stone benchtops are perfect for a natural and eternal Hamptons look. Alternatively, a black stone countertop will also look fabulous in Hamptons Style kitchen design.
  • Timber Benchtops: Timber is often selected for its natural and tactile properties, and it is an alternative to stone and marble. With timber, you need to be cautious with both heat and moisture and select only solid hardwood variety for your countertops. Furthermore, timber is pricier to fabricate and install, is also more susceptible to stains and scratching and needs more maintenance. However, you can add some warmth to your Hamptons style kitchen by using timber in island faces, butchers blocks and open shelving instead of installing timber to your main benchtop.

5. Splashback

Ceramic tile splashbacks are a common theme for Hamptons Style kitchen renovations. Tiles are available in different finishes, textures and colours, providing great versatility. Pick darker tile colours like grey for obtaining higher contrast against all-white cabinetry. You can choose tiles laying options, such as, Stacked, Chevron, Herringbone, Brick, and 1/3 Offset patterns for your Hamptons style kitchen splashback.

6. Kitchen Colour Palette

The colour schemes for a Hamptons style kitchen are traditionally white, but if you are bored or do not like an all-white kitchen, then you can choose soft (light) colours of greens, greys and blues. If you are selecting white as the primary colour for your Hamptons kitchen, then add layers of texture in the finishing details, such as handles, tiles and mouldings, to infuse character and create visual curiosity.

7. Kitchen Appliances, Handles, Sink & Tapware

  • Kitchen Appliances: It is better to incorporate large kitchen appliances with cabinetry. And if they are kept in an open space, then stainless steel finishing is ideal. The dishwasher, range-hood and fridge can be concealed in a way that will blend them smoothly into the surrounding kitchen cabinetry.
  • Handles: Shell-shaped handles or small knobs are the hallmarks of the Hamptons kitchen. To impart the perfect look, choose handles in contrast to your cabinetry.
  • Sink: A contemporary under-mount sink installation or a large farmhouse sink are ideal for Hamptons style kitchen.
  • Tapware: Traditional-style tapware will suit a Hamptons style kitchen flawlessly.

Other Decor Accessories

  • Natural, earthy tones bar stools would be ideal for your Hamptons kitchen.
  • Weave or cane baskets are classy accessories to help keep clutter to a minimum and add to the Hamptons ambience.
  • Choose woven cane, ceramic and statement metal pendant lights in a large format to complete the Hamptons style kitchen design.

Voila, those are the vital design elements for Hamptons style kitchen renovation!

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