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6 Tips to Use Google Workspace for Customer Service

Whether you have a startup or an established customer service organization, using the right tools is the key to success. And when your company is dependent on the G Suite, it becomes more important to use the tools that make your customer believe in your services.

Usually, people know Google Workspace for free emails, but it is more than that. G Workspace comprises tools like Doc, sheet, meet, keep, and more.

To know about those tools we have created this article. Here you will have a closer look over the best tips for using G Workspace for customer service.

6 Practices To Use Google Workspace For Customer Service

Below we have enlisted the best G Workspace products to help a team to provide the best customer support.

1. Google Keep: To manage records

It is best known for note-taking offered by Google. The customer service executives can use it to keep records on to-do lists, FAQs asked by customers, and note down client feedback.

You can use “Keep” for writing down regular feedback that you get from a client about products or services you offer.

It could be many things like:

Developing new product specifications
Building a newly designed product
Fix an error
Also, it helps to save all feedback in a single space.

In the end, it would be easy to share all the important notes with any department that needs them. Moreover, agents can utilize Google Keep for making their personal to-do lists for managing daily work. Let’s take an example; a team can use Google Keep to take meeting notes and make tasks or set reminders.

Google Keep is the right place for recording FAQs you are receiving from clients; that is why a support team can easily access them. Further, you can refer to those FAQs when enhancing your knowledge and planning to solve customer queries.

2. Gmail: To categorize mails

You may know this feature well, but with Google Workspace, if you require a shared inbox for your client executive team it’s different. It makes a common team inbox with the help of Google Groups.

Furthermore, it is easy to set up a group with the address helpdesk@XYZ.com and assign your agents as the group members. Usually, incoming emails by the client are delivered to the Gmail account of the team members and added to the inbox of the group.

The Google inbox can be changed to a Collaborative Inbox, where you can add a shared label to client email, search for important client requests, and make the email assignment process easier. For this, a group owner, manager, or Google Workspace administrator must provide the required approvals to set team members from the admin console.

3. Manage: Label your mails

It is easy to manage your mails and store them with labels in G Workspace by turning on the shared label option in Google Group. You can even use keywords/names for updating or labeling a conversation. Therefore it will become easy to search and sort for customer conversations.

Furthermore, group owners or managers can use the ‘Shared labels’ feature by turning it on for their group. Also, it will be easier to add labeling on business emails as per email status (pending, approved, etc., type (such as billing, marketing, technical, or support), or type of client (paid or free).

Here the labels will help you to pick up the correct emails/conversations for responding. For example;

The technical team will choose the emails having the label of “technical,”
The marketing team will solve the problems in the email labeled “marketing,”
And senior team members will manage mails with the “paid customer” or “solved cases” label.

4. Calendar: Set important reminders

To solve the product issue or assist customers in setting tools, support agents need to deal with the client and meet them. If you have Google Workspace, then Google Calendar is one of the free tools that can be used for planning or scheduling client meetings.

If you want to set up a new meeting in the Calendar, then follow the process.

Click on the icon of “+” to add an event
Add a time, title, and description of a meeting
Go to the “Invitee” option and add customer emails to invite them to a meeting.

Furthermore, you can easily integrate your Gmail with Google Calendar so that it will be easier to reply directly to the event invitations from your emails. For example, if you have got an invite, it will automatically be added to yours. Also, the details would be copied by themselves into the various fields.

5. Google Drive: Save all your data

You might know Drive offers you the access to share and save files in a place. Also, it helps to keep client service materials such as; notes, product manuals, PDFs, customer information, Help videos, and presentations in Drive.

You can save client service materials in a shared drive, which will allow every team member to access them easily. The search functionality is the topmost feature of Drive. This specification is handy if agents have to reply to client requests or access the data quickly.

With the help of Google Cloud, you can easily control your data. Furthermore, cloud storage assists in keeping files more secure.

6. Google Meet: For video conferencing

Google Meet is well known as a video conferencing app that offers users a G Suite account. Therefore, it allows 100,000 live stream viewers and 250+ meeting participants. If you create a Google Calendar appointment with clients, you will get a Hangouts link. With the help of that invite, a link representative can start or join a call with clients.

Using Google calendar, it will be easier to book a meeting on Meet. Same as other video call apps, it lets you share your screen with different participants. So, customer care agents can use it for conducting webinars to train clients.

Final Words

It is difficult to decide the best solutions with the help of various customer service solutions. Therefore Google Workspace is considered an appropriate set of tools that is available for all types of businesses sizes and needs.

We hope this guide has made your decision process easier for choosing G Suite for the customer support process. Also, you don’t have to waste your time listening to clients’ complaints in a queue.

If you are still confused, we can help you out in choosing a suitable Singapore web hosting service provider. Keep some points in mind like; compare prices, ask them about the leverages, clear all your doubts, and check the background.

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