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Desert Safari Dubai’s Miracles in UAE

Desert Safari Dubai appears in a combination of deviations and everyone can enjoy multiple sand adventures, photographs, flavorful BBQ buffet dinners. Where the live entertainment shows and camping for a full night in the beautiful Arabian desert.

Dubai is glorious worldwide because of its miscellaneous tremendous attractions. Such as Burj Al Arab, desert safari, Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah. Where desert safari is considered leading and greatly encountering attraction. 

If you wish to explore it you can for its best-priced packages at happydesertsafari.com. Where you can avail this tour in the morning, evening and overnight for 4, 6 and 18 hours in Dubai or any city in the United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, a desert safari in Dubai is formulated for every type of budget. So each tourist or local can handily pay for to endure it. Besides, encountering dune bashing rides on high red dunes is the important sand activity on this excursion. 

Along with it are the Horse ride, Camel ride, Falcon photography, dune buggy, ATV Quad bike, live entertainment shows. Appreciating endless coffee, tea, cold drinks and BBQ buffet dinner with comprehensive options of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cookeries.

Desert Safari Impressive Highlights

Trip Overview:

Must go for evening safari tour from ticketsdesertsafari.com. Because they provide 20% deduction deals on booking two combo trips. Besides 30% Off on reserving three combo trips.

If I tell you my story, I had to investigate 4-5 Dubai attractions. I selected combo deals and got a big discount on my trip. 

Including pick up and drop off services from doorstep or hotel by 4X4 vehicle. My desert safari trip lasted for 6-7 hours and a budget-friendly for me. Where I customized my sand and Bedouin camp activities I wished. 

Which were dune bashing, Sandboarding, Camel ride, Live Entertainment Shows, multiple photographs. Where on Camp I got Arabic Dress photography, Henna Designing and BBQ buffet dinner. 

But there is a circumstance you must make a booking 24 hours in advance. However overnight camping with breakfast on the high red dunes. You will get to admire these on an overnight safari. 

The driver provided by my tourism companies arrived to pick us up at 2 PM. Where the desert meeting location was 45 minutes distant away from my place. Since my Dubai trip was sponsored by the company I work for. Where three more colleagues visited with me. After reaching the campsite, we started adventurous sand activities.

Dune Bashing on Desert Safari Tour:

We obtained to relish 20-25 minutes of dune bashing on the huge red dunes of Arabia. Where the licensed specialist driver drove the cars. Which was Toyota Land Cruiser, Nisan Patrol and Range Rover.  Where those vehicles came with them comprehensively insurance. Likewise, to secure our safety, the car was fitted with safety components. The adventure was exciting and wonderful like we all admired dune bashing with the complete insurance.

Camel Ride:

We got to pick the best Camel among the healthy Camels on the plantation. Where we bought to admire a massive session around the grounds. Along with the ride, we clicked so many photos.


Sandboarding is also an electrifying activity like dune bashing. Which fully depends on a balance. For this, the faculty empowered us, boards, to relish the movement. Where there was no dismay to drop. Because the soft Arabian sand is accessible to grab you. If your balancing technique is satisfactory then must embark on sandboarding.

Endless Refreshments and Beverages:

After calming down at the Arabian themed camp, we had a complimentary permit to admire endless coffee, soft drinks, tea, shwarma and French fries. Regardless, some species contained VIP service in their bundle. For which staff of tourism companies served refreshments and dinner on their table.

Live Entertainment Shows:

At the Arabian themed camp, 6 live entertainment performances were completed by multinational artists. Containing belly dancing shows, Classic & LED Tanoura shows and adventurous fire shows. They perform on the huge stage of the camp

BBQ Buffet Dinner:

Last but not least, the flavorful BBQ Buffet dinner was composed individually with an enormous assortment of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Moreover, the variation of salads and desserts was also available

After the BBQ feast, the faculty driver dropped us safely at our location. I will certainly encounter a desert safari in Dubai again in future.

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