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How to select the best Engineering College?

Are you still confused about which college to attend for your engineering course? We understand that you are confused and that’s why you landed here. Maybe you are still trying to figure out what colleges to apply to? Or looking for the factors for choosing the best Karnataka engineering colleges?

Don’t worry; we are here to help you out. Choosing colleges to apply to and then filtering out the college you will attend can be intimidating. Most of the students consider cost, location, student to faculty ratio as these are the general factors that apply to all colleges.

Below is the list of the main factors to use if you are looking for top computer science engineering colleges in Bangalore. This list will help you to compare colleges to help make your decision better.

Project Work

One of the most important factors that affect your practical knowledge is hands-on project work. The project work gives you insights into what you will be working on on a real-time basis. Always review the curriculum and check how the course curriculum is designed to provide you the practical knowledge. Project work is the most essential factor that will help you in your internship because your mentor will analyze your practical knowledge from your project work only.

Fresher Introduction Classes

Imagine it is your first day in college and the teacher starts teaching the ‘Principles of Thermodynamics’. The involvement of your faculty in your academics plays a major role in your career. Always review the curriculum at each college for freshman year and check whether there are some introductory classes offered at the best Karnataka engineering colleges. Examples of some courses titles are “Introduction to Mechanical Engineering”, “Introduction to Chemical Engineering”. These classes are helpful because it gives toy an insight into what the course entails and what you can do with the degree.

Faculty and Support Staff

A successful student is a joint effort of multiple departments and people. Be it your department’s clerk or your Head of Department. Everyone contributes equally to your success. Always learn about your faculty and support staff from the existing students. Find out who your advisor will be in college. Some of the colleges have support staff with no engineering or technical experience, especially lab technicians. The support staff contributes equally to your academic career just like faculty does.

Internship Opportunities

Be it a technical degree or a professional degree, an internship plays a major role in a student’s life. An internship is training in which you implement your practical and theoretical skills in return for a small remuneration or experience certificate. If you are planning to go for an internship while studying, always focus on the mentor’s teaching. Your mentor will be the person who is highly experienced and skilled in their domain and they will guide you according to industry standards.

Accelerated Masters Degree Program

This is one of the most important factors you can consider. Some colleges offer programs that you can obtain a bachelors degree in four years and then a masters degree if you stay an extra year. So, you can get a bachelors and masters degree by studying only for five years. Most employers will select you for your masters degree.


Best Karnataka engineering colleges emphasize practical knowledge to the students. If you are looking for the top computer science engineering colleges in Bangalore then always consider the abovementioned factors as they are going to help you in multiple ways.

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