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Check Out Brands Offering BWP (Marine Grade) Plywood

Can Plywood be Waterproof? Check Out Brands Offering BWP

It’s only two months for monsoons to arrive and offer the much needed respite from sweltering heat. The air becomes cool and breezy and the smell of pakoras and khichdi wafts in the house, welcoming the onset of monsoons. But as much as rains bring with them bliss and happiness, it also causes floods and waterlogging. This is also the time our homes become vulnerable as water tends to seep into the nooks and corners of our living spaces. And one of the primary things that gets affected is our furniture. In most Indian homes, furniture is still made from plywood that is not water-resistant. This explains why your furniture catches mould too easily and eventually falls apart in the long run.

This is why BWP (Boiling Water Proof) Plywood or Marine Grade (Marine Grade Plywood) has proved to be better alternatives than ordinary plywood. Because they have the potential to resist a good amount of water and moisture. In India, there are many top-tier brands that do offer BWP Plywood. We have made a list of two of the best brands and their best selling products in this blog.

Greenply –

Greenply, India’s best plywood brand, offers a wide range of BWP (Boiling Water Proof) Plywood. They come in various thickness and value-added features. The plywood also boasts of  versatility, strength, and precision. You can use also them in wardrobes, cabins, tables, and shelves. Here are different types of BWP Plywood. 

  • Green 710 Plywood: The Green Marine Grade conforms to IS 710 grade plywood with great flexural strength that can endure extreme harsh weather conditions and climatic changes. Striving to create a balance between quality and durability of your interiors, this plywood is best suited for kitchen, bathroom or outdoor spaces. What’s even better – it comes with a warranty of 252months*. 
  • Green Gold Platinum: Green Gold Platinum BWP Plywood is a certified IS 710 grade plywood that conforms to E-0 formaldehyde emission standards. This product comes with international approval from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). It safeguards the indoor air quality of your home so that your loved ones can breathe easy and stay healthy. 
  • Green Plus Seven Hundred: Recognised as India’s first zero-emission plywood, Green Club Plus Seven Hundred is a BWP grade plywood that meets structural as per IS 10701 cum fire retardant parameters as per IS 5509, offering an overall protection to the house from fire or even poor indoor air quality.
  • Optima G BWP Plywood: Optima G BWP Plywood is a water-proof plywood that safeguards your furniture against the threats of water or moisture. It comes with a warranty of 252 months and meets the criterias of marine ply.
  • Ecotec Platinum 710 BWP Plywood: When you want to safeguard your furniture from extreme weather conditions, choose Ecotec Platinum 710 BWP Plywood. Calibrated and made from selected hardwood species with a composed core, it meets all the parameters of a marine ply.

Century Ply –

Century Ply is another India’s sought after brand for Boiling WaterProof Plywood. One of their best selling Boiling WaterProof Plywood is Bond 710 that is also known as their premium selling product. These plywood sheets come with a warranty period of 15 years and are borer and termite proof. Here are other attributes of this boiling water proof plywood that adds to the value and premiumness of this plywood.

  • Virokill Technology – Kills 99.9% Viruses
  • 15 Years of Warranty
  • Core Composed – No Gaps or Overlaps
  • Quadra Press Technology for No Delamination
  • Glue Line Protection (GLP), Patent Technology Wherein Each Layer Is Treated For 100% Protection For Borer And Termite

Architect Ply is another BWP Plywood that comes with best-in-class Firewell and Viralkill Technology. Here are some features of this plywood

  • Virokill Technology – Kills 99.9% Viruses
  •  Firewall Technology – A Circle Of Protection From Fire
  • CenturyPromise App – Protection From Duplicate Plywood
  • Comes With a Lifetime Warranty 
  • Extremely Uniform, With Minimal Thickness Variation
  • Gurjan Face
  • Core Composed- No Gaps or Overlaps
  • Negligible Warp and Bend
  • Borer & Termite Proof 
  • Boiling Water Proof

There are so many dangers that your home encounters during monsoons. But water should not be one of them. Only if you use Boiling WaterProof Plywood from either Greenply or Century Plywood, your house will be secured against high moisture and water content. Visit their website to know more about their range of BWP.

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