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Holistic concept for Tegaderm tattoo healing process

Tegaderm tattoo: To get straight to the point a tattoo is an injury, damage, and disruption (lesion) to the anatomical structure or physiological function of our body!

Any damage hurts! Yes! And skin tissue punctured and injured by the tattoo needle results in a natural inflammatory reaction! Our body, thanks to nature, is pretty smart and recognizes that. something is wrong here with our body shell. It activates all of its messenger substances. And mechanisms to protect and heal the injury and restore it to its original state.

Here are 4 typical signs of the body activating its immune system to start the wound healing process

1.) Warming

2.) Redness

3.) Swelling

4.) Pain

the freshly tattooed area of ​​skin.

The immune system has now received the information. There have been injuries to the tissue on the freshly tattooed skin area. Secretes so-called exudate (wound secretion) there. in order to clean the body area as quickly as possible, repair it. Protect it from infections.

This is a normal and natural effect that protects the lesion from the outside, dries up, and allows it to fall off as a so-called scab after healing. Since a professional tattoo artist does not pierce the skin layers completely but only up to the 2nd skin layer (dermis). No scars usually remain at this point if the work is done correctly.

But the completion of the freshly engraved tattoo work of art is not enough. What matters now and above all is your cooperation. Just like every dermatologist, every tattoo artist, and every tattoo studio has his/her own strategy for optimal wound healing. Which should be given to you in writing and which you must follow at all costs.

Since we are repeatedly asked about recommendations for optimal wound healing of a fresh tattoo. We exchanged ideas with experts from the tattoo industry, physicians, and product developers and created the following care instructions for you:

General handling of a freshly inked tattoo:

There are now two ways for the care strategy, which the tattoo artist will usually explain to you based on his/her own experience:

1.) dry wound healing

2.) moist wound healing

Both strategies include countless variations, different care products, and handling. We have decided on what we think is the most optimal way to cooperate with an experienced partner in Tegaderm tattoo care. Ultimately, however, you have to decide for yourself and make an individual choice! We can only make recommendations and unfortunately do not assume any guarantees for correctness or similar.

We prefer the 2nd variant – moist wound healing!

The freshly tattooed, cleaned, and disinfected area of ​​skin is protected with a flexible and extremely thin foil bandage. That is called Suprasorb Please do not use Vaseline or other creams beforehand!

Tegaderm tattoo is a polyurethane film that is breathable (air-permeable on one side). Flexible and enables a moist wound environment that promotes wound healing through gas and heat exchange. Tegaderm tattoo is liquid-repellent and protects the wound or puncture site against germ colonization from the outside. The self-adhesive membrane remains on the wound. Throughout the exudation phase and without changing.

The advantage here is obvious in many places. The wound fluid can evaporate from the inside and the tattoo is protected from dirt/smear infections from the outside by a waterproof germ barrier.

In addition, the constant fiddling with kitchen cling film, loosening adhesive tape, and, in the worst case, skin rashes caused by the adhesive tape in (plaster) allergy sufferers. It is no longer necessary. The Tegaderm tattoo also protects the wound from drying out on bandages, clothing, or bed linen, as is often the case with commercially available cling film. Which so often slips out of place.

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