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Tips to Increase Student Engagement in Online Classrooms

The rise in online learning and online classes for students has seen a proliferation of new technologies. These advanced technologies are revitalizing the education system in powerful and impactful ways.

A look at some statistics maps the trends that will steer the upward growth in online classrooms.

$325 Billion The eLearning market worth by 2025  
25% and 60%Increased learning retention rates via e-learning.  
AR/VRTwo critical technologies driving the e-learning sector forward.

 (Sources: Global News Wire, Forbes, Sh!ft)

During the pandemic, more than 1.2 billion children entered online classrooms. Online classes for students will continue as schools and parents may seek hybrid solutions for school and after-school tutoring. Educational apps are becoming a significant influence in promoting online learning. These apps create study modules that are immersive, engaging, and qualitative. The blending of education, technology, and the internet opens up undreamt-of possibilities.

How to boost engagement in online classes for students?

Kompanions Lesson Design Experts have developed some well-researched, backed strategies to help educators increase student engagement.

1. Appropriate digital technologies

Selecting the right digital learning platform is crucial. The selection should depend on ease and variety of tools. Tools can include themes, text-to-speech, large cursor, closed captioning, highlighters, alternative text, etc.

2. Harness Synchronous and Asynchronous Tools

Synchronous learning can help build the teacher-student connection. It is preferable to keep it short and participatory for maximum engagement. Synchronous learning offers positive social benefits. Post synchronous meetings, the asynchronous mode can be harnessed for virtual learning.

Educators should use it by making students participate in activities like -sharing comments, peer collaborations, chat etc. This allows students to don their thinking caps and improve written communication.

3. Interactively Designed Modules

The teaching module and content should be well designed. It will be interesting if presented in several ways like text, voice, video, and animation.

This will help attract and engage students. Online classrooms will benefit by including more interactive learning strategies with intuitive content.

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Some points to keep in mind:

  • Animated and Responsive content
  • Incorporate fun facts and statistics
  • Use infographics, animations and videos
  • Byte size lessons

4. Harness the power of visual aids

Visual aids can make virtual and online classrooms more compelling and relatable. The world is increasingly becoming more visual. As more schools focus on visual aids, teachers need to know them to teach via them.

  • 65% learners are visual learners
  • 1/10th of a second is enough to comprehend a visual scene

Visual learning allows students to understand lessons better. Infographics, videos, charts etc., are excellent aids to boost student engagement.

5. Micro-sized spaced learning

Teachers can downsize lessons into chunks. This retains the attention span of students. Neuroscience proves that the average attention span is 10 minutes.

Allow for breaks after some portion of learning content. Use the break to revise and recall information. Make it participatory through quizzes and Q & A sessions.

6. Flexibility and Democratisation

Active participation can level up the engagement process by leaps and bounds. Within the curriculum boundaries, students can exercise a certain level of freedom.

Students can voice their choice in how they want to learn and present. Feedback systems, monitoring student learning patterns, and surveys are excellent ways to learn about your customers’ preferences.

7. Experiential Learning with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Experiential learning is effective learning. AR and VR allow for first-hand experiential learning. Walk with dinosaurs or inside the human heart, dive into the oceans or fly into the solar system- the use cases are limitless.

The dual technologies help make complex concepts easy to understand and reduce the gap between theory and practice.

They also help boost:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Accelerated learning
  • High engagement

8. Games based learning

Gamification is quite a popular trend now in the eLearning space. Gamification helps in the cognitive progress of a child and makes learning enjoyable and immersive. This allows for greater participation and engagement.

9. Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation can cause a change in students’ perception of learning. They gain an insight into the purpose and benefits of education. Educators can motivate students to be more responsible and accountable.

10. Show Empathy

Students and teachers alike have had to make many adjustments—some with academics, some with home space, some with social issues and some with technology. Teachers can reach out and show concern for struggling students. Offer extra online classesor opportunities to re-do assignments.  


Digital learning will continue to rise. Online education and online classes for students are great opportunities for teachers and students. However, engagement starts with nurturing and building healthy bonds. By employing these tips from Kompanions, teachers can make online classes effective and engaging.

We at Kompanions believe that we owe our students to make Virtual Learning 2.0 more engaging and impactful.

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