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What Does an Orthodontist Do?

What does an orthodontist do? You may have heard of them before, and you might even be considering getting braces yourself or recommending braces to someone you know who’s in need of orthodontic help, but how much do you really know about the work that orthodontists do? The professionals at Ortho Hollywood would like to answer all your questions about orthodontists and orthodontic care, and we invite you to read through our detailed guide on what an orthodontist does!

The Role of an Orthodontist

This is one question that many people seem to ask themselves when they are seeking orthodontic treatment. What exactly do orthodontist hollywood do, and how can you tell if you’ll need one or not? Before we dive into that, let’s break down just what a certified orthodontist is in general and what they are qualified to do. An orthodontist completes at least four years of post-graduate school after receiving their dental degree (typically a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree). During that time, they have a chance to learn about some of the new advancements and innovations in dentistry as well as deeper knowledge on general topics like physiology, anatomy, pathology and pharmacology.

How to Choose the Right Orthodontist

Before you sign up for braces, there are a few things you should know. First, you want to go with a reputable doctor who has a strong history of success with patients who have similar teeth and jaw issues. We highly recommend meeting with two or three orthodontists before choosing one. That way, you’ll have time to gather recommendations from friends and family about their experiences and discuss your options with different professionals. When selecting an orthodontist surfside or Hollywood, make sure they have experience working with each particular type of appliance—clear vs metallic brackets, Invisalign vs traditional braces—to find out which is best for your situation. Just make sure to ask about cost as well!

How to Know if You Need Braces

A lot of people consider orthodontic treatment for their teeth, but it’s important to know when you should start treatment and when you should avoid it. It all depends on your age, your natural jaw growth, and how much time you have before those teeth set in their final position. If your teeth are already crowded or have gaps between them that aren’t improving on their own (which is a good sign that there may be room for improvement), then it’s definitely worth considering braces before your adult molars grow in. At Surfside Orthodontics we know orthodontics is no joke – we only want what is best for our patients!

Types of Braces

Invisalign is a popular option, but it’s not your only choice. Traditional braces, Inman aligners and ceramic braces are other orthodontic treatments that you can use to fix crooked teeth. The type of brace you choose will depend on a variety of factors, including your budget and whether or not you need to treat more than one problem area at once. For example, if you want straight teeth and want to reduce overcrowding in your mouth (also known as malocclusion), clear braces are typically recommended because they aren’t as visible as other types of orthodontic treatments.

Different Methods of Treatments

There are many different treatment options for orthodontics, some more involved than others. The duration of these treatments will also vary from patient to patient, as it can be affected by factors such as size and severity of gaps between teeth or how large a mouth is in relation to their jaw. Many patients opt for Invisalign braces (clear braces), which are typically less visible and more comfortable than traditional metal braces. Other common treatments include headgear, rubber bands, and traditional metal braces. No matter what treatment you choose, you can trust your new smile—and its appearance—to your experienced orthodontist in Surfside/Hollywood FL!

Invisalign vs. Metal Braces

Hollywood orthodontists and dental hygienists work together to help patients achieve a healthy smile. Many people dream of straight teeth, but they might not know what it takes to make those dreams come true. Luckily, surfside orthodontist hollywood knows how to create beautiful smiles—and they’re happy to help you achieve yours! The entire process is handled by a skilled team of professionals who understand how each member contributes to excellent results. Each step must be complete before moving on to the next, so be sure you ask your dentist any questions that arise! Of course, there are some things you should know as well: If a patient needs braces or Invisalign, for example, surfside orthodontists will guide them through every step of treatment.

Dental Hygiene

Your orthodontist, who is train to work with your dentist, will help evaluate whether you need to have your teeth pull. If you do, it’s likely because of a condition called crowding. Crowding occurs when there isn’t enough room for all of your teeth and they start to overlap one another. This can affect how well and easily you chew food; it can also make cleaning your teeth more difficult.

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